About Vitaliy_SN

Professional photographer from Russia, Moscow. From the age of 7 he became interested in photography, after receiving a gift, film camera "Change 8M". I liked the the whole cycle of getting photos, from shooting to printing. This hobby was well combined with the ability to draw, the teacher was his grandfather, a professional artist. But Hobbies did not become a profession.
Having studied law and received education in the all-Russian state tax Academy of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation, he began private legal practice. After 10 years, he was employed as an adviser to a Federal judge of one of the courts of the Moscow regional Court. The work was to occupy all the time, leaving no opportunity to engage in creativity. It was decided to retire and take up a favorite hobby. Having set a goal to become a professional photographer, he additionally graduated from the school of photography and engaged in commercial photography, photographing architecture, landscapes, flowers, portraits and luxury items - fur and jewelry. In the process, the focus is on the transfer of natural beauty and to avoid using photo editors as far as possible.